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Are you thinking of continuing your studies at university? Do you have skills, experience and knowledge that could be used for credit towards a degree?  Southpac Aerospace has established a range of formalised articulation pathways to University with a number of Australian universities. This streamlines the transfer process of your course credits towards your University degree and saves you time and money!

Southpac Aerospace courses are nationally recognised through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This means you will be likely eligible for direct entry into related degree programs. You may also be able to apply for credit transfer, depending on your chosen Degree and University. Contact your chosen University for more information.


University Partners

Select a University below for information on their Bachelor of Aviation Management courses and scroll further for credit transfer information.


We are proud to collaborate with several universities and higher education providers for articulation and advanced standing arrangements.  Investigating if these arrangements are useful to you, could save you a large portion of study time and decrease financial commitments.

What to do next: 

  1. Look for the university that offers the Degree you are interested in
  2. Note the Southpac Aerospace pathway qualification
  3. Contact the University or Southpac Aerospace to find out more


We are fortunate to offer our Diploma of Aviation Management as part of articulation pathways towards a University degree by partnering with some of Australia’s top universities.   These universities give selected Diploma entries into nominated degree programs using ‘advanced standing’ or ‘credit transfers’.  University articulation credit transfers and fees are dependant on your selection of University course and the units from the Southpac Aerospace Diploma course.

We recommend that Southpac Aerospace course participants interested in University pathways should contact the University of interest to discuss advance standings or credit transfers awarded for each course.


Learn how your Southpac Aerospace qualification can help you achieve a Bachelor of Aviation Management.  The table below shows the field/s of study, the University offering the degree, the Southpac Aerospace qualification that is relevant to that pathway and further information to get you on the path to higher learning.


Southpac Qualification University University Course Credit Granted Further Info
AVI50616 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) Southern Cross University 3002100 Bachelor of Business majoring in Aviation Management (CRICOS code SCU GC availabilities: 089780J) 8 units, of a total of 24 (33% of the course, or 1 year of FTE study) For further details view the Southern Cross University website:

More credit is available for graduates of the Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) with the following experience:

  • 1 year FTE professional level management experience = up to 12 units, of a total of 24 (50% of the Course); or
  • 2 years or more FTE professional level management experience = up to 16 units, of a total of 24 (66% of the Course).
AVI50616 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) University of Southern Queensland Bachelor of Aviation (BAVN) 2 units, of a total of 22 (9% of the course) For further details of all qualifications on offer view the University of Southern Queensland’s Credit Calculator webpage:


AVI50616 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management)

Griffith University


Bachelor of Aviation Management (1367) 40 CP, of a total of 240 (16% of the course)
AVI50616 Diploma of Aviation (Aviation Management) + Industry Experience (5 years full-time industry experience & a current Aviation Technical qualification)

Griffith University


Bachelor of Aviation Management (1367) 120 CP, of a total of 240 (50% of the course) For further details of all qualifications and credit arrangements on offer, view the Griffith University Articulation Database at:



We get it.  Here is the abbreviated terms and links.

  • FTE      Full-Time Equivalent
  • AML     Advanced Management and Leadership Course
  • SCI        Systems for Continual Improvement Course
  • LA5       Safety and Lead Auditor Course
  • SI          Safety Investigators Course
  • ASMS   Aviation Safety Management Systems Course
  • WHS    Workplace Health and Safety


Save time | Utilise existing skills & experience

  • Allows better planning for study and career path in advance;
  • Enables non-traditional entry to Higher Education by elevating a person’s university selection on the basis of their prior learning;
  • Provides greater support for people transitioning between different academic levels, cultures and technologies;
  • Builds academic skills and confidence progressively over time and facilitate life-long-learning;
  • Reduces the overall cost and duration of a degree;
  • Allows students to use their prior vocational knowledge and skills to work their way through their degree; and
  • Rewards personnel with multiple qualifications in the shortest possible time, improving employee promotion and increasing remuneration.


Contacts for Universities

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