SMS for Aviation Managers Course

Safety Management Systems for Managers (2-days)

Available in-house by arrangement.
Includes online access to training materials and SMS documentation suite.

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Notify us of your interest in Aviation SMS for Managers courses in your location. Aviation SMS for Managers training available in-house by request.

Course Overview

The SMS for Aviation Managers course is specifically for organisations where Accountable persons, Team Leaders and Supervisors require further understanding about how SMS benefits a business, the roles and responsibilities in an SMS, the need for management commitment to it, and the efficiency drive it can create. There is an overview of SMS structure, a review of SMS procedures, and discussions on the need for integration of Human Factors and Safety Culture to support it as well as a module for Safety Leadership.

In a nutshell, we can give your key personnel what they need to know and understand about your SMS without having to attend a full SMS course.

Course Program

  • Day 1 am – Background, evolution, need and benefits of SMS
  • Day 1 pm – Human Factors, Safety Culture roles and responsibilities in SMS
  • Day 2 am – SMS Components and Elements explained
  • Day 2 pm – Safety Leadership and your SMS


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