Managing Non-Conformance Course

Investigating problems and designing effective solutions

Available in-house by arrangement

Managing Non-Conformance Course Overview

Does your organisation have problems that continually re-occur? Do you wish to build greater system resilience?
Russel Ackoff famously stated “If we have a system of improvement, that’s directed at improving the parts taken separately, you can be absolutely sure that the performance of a whole will not be improved.” It’s clear that a “systems approach” is required to understand the increasingly complex problems that we face and to drive genuine improvement in system effectiveness and resilience.

This course has been designed to help managers and systems practitioners to better understand the systems that they manage and to take a wider view when addressing perceived problems and issues. The temptation, particularly in high pressure environments, is to apply a “sticking plaster solution” or a quick fix. Such an approach often fails to address the underlying issues, gain appropriate support and staff buy-in and invariably the measures fail. This course addresses the steps and skills required to truly understand system issues, identify and evaluate the potential options and to implement effective corrective actions.

Course Program

  • Course introduction and systems
  • Identifying issues and problems
  • Root cause analysis
  • Risk management (hazard identification and risk assessment)
  • Effective corrective actions
  • Continual improvement
  • Course review

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