Personal Management and Leadership Course

Setting Personal Goals & Achieving Success

Available In-house By Arrangement

In most workplaces management exists to serve two functions; managing of things and managing people.

Managing things can involve the tangible or intangible, from actions and activities to delivering results and keeping projects on track. Those who manage things are often responsible for people but demonstrate their planning, monitoring, reporting, controlling, delegation, inspection and time management skills in delivering results and outcomes, usually with other processes, projects or departments relying on the outputs of their management.

Manning people involves a whole other element of understanding the diverse, complex and ever changing nature of humankind. It involves interaction, communication, understanding, leading, motivating, engaging, supporting, developing and nurturing people. Managing people is often key to being able to manage and deliver outcomes of products, services and results. Different people respond to different management styles and ways of communication therefore those who manage people must be able to communicate with and understand what motivates the people they manage.

Personal Management and Leadership Course Overview

For any person to be an effective manager and leader of others they must first be an effective manager and leader of self!

This interactive and inspirational course provides participants with an insight into their own leadership and learning styles while also providing an opportunity for self analysis of personal and work goals, mission statement and approach to work and life.

Participants will gain an understanding of different leadership theories and how they relate to the workplace, key steps to effective time management, the importance of gaining and maintaining competence and how to be a better networker.

Recognition of Training

nationally-recognisedPart of the Diploma of Leadership & Management and the Diploma of Quality Auditing

BSBWOR501 Manage Personal Work Priorities & Professional Development

Course Program

  • Course Introduction
  • Leadership Theories
  • Goals and Mission Statements
  • Time Management & Delegation
  • Work Life Balance
  • Maintaining Professional Competency
  • Networking


Who Should Attend

Any who want to regain control of their work schedule and more effectively manage competing demands in the workplace.

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