Change Management Course

Managing and Leading successful change

Available in-house by arrangement

Change Management Course Overview

Harvard Business Review recently stated that 70% of change initiatives fail. Why is it that so many changes fail? What can be done to improve the odds? When your organization undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address underlying problems and issues, they often require changes; changes to processes, job roles, organisational structures and types and uses of technology. However when all is said and done it is actually the people in your organisation who have to ultimately change how they do their jobs. If these individuals are unsuccessful in their personal transitions, if they don’t embrace and learn a new way of working, the change will fail.

The Change Management course has been designed to help managers to better understand the process of change and to help them put practical processes and plans in place to improve the chances of success. Vitally change leadership is highlighted as a key “next step” and often the missing ingredient in failed change initiatives.

Course Program

  • Introduction to Change
  • Change Management processes
  • Risk Management and planning
  • Resistance to change
  • Change leadership
  • Course review

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