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Working with you to provide flexible and customised in-house corporate training to suit your needs.

Our courses are delivered in-house for major airlines, regulators and aviation organisations throughout the world. We have dozens of aviation courses covering regulations and compliance, quality & safety management and leadership available to companies who are seeking to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of their staff.

Our bespoke programs address specific needs and challenges of our clients. These projects have ranged from a single short course to comprehensive training programs across an organisation. Southpac Aerospace has developed targeted, in-house corporate programs for everyone from executive and senior management teams through to frontline personnel.   

Bespoke and Customised Training Programs

All Southpac courses can be run in-house.  The format can be in standard form or customised to fit your specific needs and challenges.  Our experienced team of trainers and instructional designers can develop short courses by combining various elements of existing courses or through the development of new elements and content.  We provide services to develop complete training programs combining as required, face to face training, e-Training, online and blended training.

We flexibly combine several different approaches and methods to form an integrated training program. A comprehensive program can include; Qualifications, Skill Sets, Accredited or Unaccredited certificates as required.  Southpac Aerospace also has the capacity and capability to manage, coordinate and deliver training on behalf of your organisation both internally and externally.



We understand that finding the time and budget to train staff can be challenging.  That’s why we offer unique in-house training packages that are designed to make qualifying your staff as simple as possible.

Option 1

In-person or LIVE & Virtual Courses
Our highly regarded Southpac courses delivered to you, in your classroom or through our highly interactive LLVC LIVE & Virtual platform.

Option 2

Customised in-person or LIVE & Virtual packages 
This option give you the most flexibility to design and facilitate to your organisation’s needs!  All you need to do is:

  1. Select how you want to structure the course – either through Southpac’s highly regarded training program or custom designed to your specifications.
  2. Choose timing and delivery – course can be delivered as in its entirety or flexi-delivery over a series of dates.  You decide!

Whichever option you choose, your organisation will benefit from obtaining knowledge that suits your specific needs and builds towards qualifications that are industry recognised.



We provide services to develop complete training programs combining, as required, face to face training, online and blended training. We flexibly combine several different approaches and methods to form an integrated training program. A comprehensive program can include;


Program Design & Planning Program Delivery Post Program
  • Training needs analysis
  • Program scoping
  • Surveys
  • Mentoring and Coaching for Senior Executives
  • Group Workshops and Focus Groups
  • Standard Training Courses
  • Recurrent Training Courses
  • Bespoke Training Courses
  • Pre-& Post Program Performance Evaluation and one on one coaching
  • Training Effectiveness Reviews & Analysis
  • Surveys

Outcomes can include a combination of Qualifications, Skill Sets, Accredited or Unaccredited certificates as required.

Southpac also have the capacity and capability to manage, coordinate and deliver training on behalf of your organisation both internally and externally.


  1. You’re in control –  select the venue of your choice.
    Many Hosts choose to run training within their organisation however, many choose to use venues that suit their needs outside their venue.
  2. Customise – courses to suit your requirements.
  3. Save -travel and training costs.
  4. Protect proprietary information – keep trade secrets, secret.
  5. Transfer skills – consistently to your entire team using contextualised scenarios.
  6. Improve staff morale – build teamwork by having a learning opportunity in-house.  Cross-Department awareness and empathy could improve your organisational operations.
  7. National Recognition – many of our courses are nationally recognised training and have units of competency attached to them.


These in-house corporate training costs are dependent on the specific course requested.

Course fees include

  • Assessments
  • Trainer support as required
  • Certificate and/or Statement of Attainment upon successful completion

Payment options we offer include

  • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/)
  • Direct Deposit (EFT)
  • Purchase Order
  • Cheque (company only)


What are the benefits of in-house training?
– Protect proprietary information;
– Tailor our ‘stock’ courses to suit your specific requirements;
– Develop a program that is delivered at times that suit you;
– Develop a long-standing relationship with your trainer;
– Context-driven scenarios that suit your organisation;
– Reduce travel and accommodation expenses of sending staff away.


How is the in-house training priced?
We price courses based on the costs for the trainer, travel, expenses, administration and materials are required to deliver the program.  The training investment is based on a comprehensive package, not individual attendant costs.  That way the Host is flexible on how many participants can attend.


Is there a minimum and maximum student’s allowed on an in-house course?
We often quote for up to 12 but can allocate for up to 16 participants.


We want to host an in-house course.  What is required?
There are a few items to consider when hosting your own training.  We suggest having:
– A climate-controlled venue space large enough to accommodate all participants and room to allow break out groups
– Internet access
– Catering and refreshment areas
– Tables and comfortable chairs
– Projector screen
– Flip charts
– Whiteboards
– Car parking or easy transportation spaces


What does a typical day look like?
Most face-to-face courses follow a schedule as follows:
Monday – Friday 8:15 – 4:30-5:00
Lunch 12:00 each day with refreshments.

LIVE & Virtual Training in the LLVC, can be designed similar to face-to-face.


We don’t have enough participants.  Can we have other people on the course?
Yes!  Hosting an in-house course allows flexibility for Hosts to have staff and other participants join.


What are some disadvantages of In-House Training?
While there are extra administration requirements if you choose in-house training, the benefits outweigh these costs.  Organising participants, catering, venue, equipment and trainer costs are part of the requirements, and we are happy to guide you on how to set up those processes.


A Recent Testimonial for Southpac Customised Training

With a tough participant audience, the team from Southpac Aerospace delivered an engaging and highly informative SMS and QMS course, totally bespoke to our needs.

 Southpac tailored the course to suit specific requirements for our business, by combining both courses into one.  By doing this, we able to train a lot of staff in one go, along with having the packages designed for our needs.  With excellent facilitation we all now have a better understanding of what SMS is and how it fits into our business as well as how a good QMS system assists our company.  We are appreciative of Southpac Aerospace’s flexibility in their training programs and we cannot recommend their courses and their facilitators enough!


David Harrison, Babcock Helicopters

Customised SMS & QMS Course delivered in-house for Babcock Helicopters


Contact us now to discuss your in-house training options today.

P: +61 7 5533 9988 


We Are A Nationally Recognised Training Organisation

Southpac Aerospace – ID32353  is approved to meet standards set for RTO training.  Our organisation is consistently reviewing and improving our course material through participant feedback and internal review processes.  This framework ensures you are receiving the highest standard of training within the industry.

We provide you with

  • Highly trained and engaged facilitators to make the most of your study,
  • Training aligned with industry standards, workplace requirements and skill sets,
  • Resources and materials that may include workbooks, guides and/or slides.
  • Ongoing support for developing your career pathways!

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