Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & Advisory

Southpac Aerospace is a leading provider of aviation consulting and advisory services to both aviation companies and to the organisations that rely on reputable, safe aviation operators. Our experienced team provide a comprehensive range of services to support the management of aviation operations. Our core consulting and advisory services include;

Management Systems

Southpac have long been considered specialists in the development and application of aviation management systems. Our team can assist with the development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of your organisations management systems. Combined with our world leading management systems training, Southpac can provide the full range of potential management systems assistance. Our management systems development services include;


  • Management Systems development and implementation for quality, safety, WHS and environment
  • Systems reviews, restructures and integration projects
  • Technology integrations for system and process management

Manuals & Exposition Writing

Whether your existing manuals and expositions require reviews and updates due to regulatory changes or are just due an update our experienced team can assist. Our team have successfully delivered projects ranging from start-up organisations requiring the full suite of manuals through to established operators that required manual reviews and rationalisation. The manuals and expositions we develop include;


  • Flight Operations Manuals
  • Maintenance organisation and CAMO expositions (Parts 42 & 145)
  • Quality and Safety Management Systems Manuals
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Company Standards & Manuals

Safety Innovation

Southpac has been at the forefront of developing and utilising contemporary and innovative approaches to safety management including the adoption of Human and Organisational Performance and Safety-II philosophies and practices. Many organisations are beginning to question traditional assumptions of what good safety management and SMS look like. Southpac can assist you to explore new approaches and help you to uncover latent capacity and sources of innovation that are not currently being tapped into. Our Safety Innovation services include;


  • HOP and Safety II integration
  • Operational learning initiatives
  • Decluttering initiatives
  • Safety systems and practices reviews
  • Embedded research projects



Whether you are looking for one or a combination of the above services contact our team to discuss how we can help!

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