Aviation Audit & Assurance Services

Aviation Audit & Assurance Services

Independent Review of Your Systems and Suppliers

Southpac Aerospace is a leading provider of aviation audit and assurance services to both aviation companies and to the organisations that rely on reputable, safe aviation operators. Our experienced team provide a comprehensive range of services to support all aspect of your quality and safety assurance and oversight programs. Our core assurance services include;


Audits & Assessments

We can provide the following aviation auditing services for fixed & rotary wing operators and all supporting maintenance and service providers;

  • Third-party audits and assessments of your organisation or of the aviation operators that you utilise
  • Provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of your Quality/OH&S/Environmental or Safety Management System’s
  • Operational Readiness Audits
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Contract Reviews & Service Provider Safety and Compliance audits
  • Desktop audits and assessments

Our aviation auditors are specialists in management systems. We can assess any mainstream QMS/WHS/EMS/SMS standard used across the aviation industry including:

    • ISO 9001-2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, AS/NZS 4801:2001
    • IOSA Standards
    • AS 9100, AS 9110 & AS 9120
    • CASA, ICAO or other NAA requirements for Safety Management Systems
    • IOGP and other industry standards


The Benefits of a Professional Aviation Audit

There are many benefits to having an independent third party come and carry out an aviation audit. Our team and auditors and assessors typically;

  • Assess both the compliance and effectiveness of organisational systems and processes
  • Provide insight into current challenges and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Help staff understand their company’s management system
  • Act as a medium for feedback to senior management on compliance, ideas, solutions, risk exposure, etc
  • Identify potential hazards/risks not previously thought about

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Recent Testimonial

“I just wanted to thank you guys for a great audit…I was certainly glad and appreciative of the level of depth you went into and the findings that you made. As you know I have been pushing to get Southpac for a very long time. I understand Gloria is contracted in by you guys and we certainly appreciate you sourcing such an incredibly knowledgeable auditor in safety and environment to assist you. Gloria had an inspiring approach and passion for her field.”

Integrated Management Systems Audit



Southpac Aerospace can assist organisations to conduct investigations of accidents, incidents and near misses. We take a progressive approach to investigations focused on learning and improvement. Our team can act as independent third party investigators or assist with the running of an organisations internal safety investigation program. Our investigation services include;


  • Independent investigations
  • Support, administer or run internal investigation program
  • Internal investigation reviews
  • Investigation coaching and facilitation
  • Corrective action development
  • Learning Team facilitation (in support to or as an alternative to investigation)


Outsourced Assurance

Southpac Aerospace can assist organisations that are looking for overflow support for their existing quality and safety assurance team or that require a more permanent outsourced solution. Our team can support the full spectrum of quality and safety management functions for your organisation or be available to support in more specialised areas or on an “as required” basis. Our outsourced assurance services include;


  • Outsourced (virtual) Quality & Safety Manager
  • Outsourced internal audit programs
  • Supplier and contractor oversight and assurance
  • Short term management systems projects and initiatives (See Consulting & Advisory Services)



Southpac Aerospace is proud to administer the UAS International standard, the worlds first standard to cover the management and operation of UAS/UAV. UOC holders that are certified to the UAS International standard can provide greater confidence to clients and other stakeholders as to the level of safety and efficacy that they maintain. See the UAS International website to learn more about the standard and how to become certified.


RPAS Audits

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