Southpac Quality and Compliance

Southpac Quality and Compliance

Quality Policy

Southpac Aerospace was established to assist all elements of the aviation industry to understand, implement and continually improve their quality and safety management systems. Our services include training, mentoring, auditing and management systems certification. Southpac aims to provide world-class services that are responsive to customer and industry needs.

To help facilitate this aim Southpac has implemented an integrated management system that is compliant with ISO9001, ISO17021, the VET Quality Framework and the Exemplar Global TPECS-requirements. Compliance with these standards is monitored on a continual basis.

To achieve continual improvement of our processes and services, Southpac management has set objectives that will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

We aim to ensure that all our personnel are competent and continually trained to assist with the latest developments and initiatives taking place within the aviation industry. We encourage and support the professional development of our staff and believe that, as a team, we are far more effective. All personnel are expected to play their part and contribute to the positive culture of the company, expressing their ideas, sharing their experiences and collaborating to continually improve the way we work.

Andy Shone
Chief Executive Officer

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