Southpac Aerospace Services

Southpac Aerospace Services

At Southpac Aerospace we provide the highest quality training available in Aviation.
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Southpac’s aviation-specific training courses have been developed to appeal to personnel from all levels within an organization and aim to equip such persons to manage and support their organization’s quality and safety programs. Training programs include;

We are specialists in Aviation Quality, Aviation SMS & Aviation Management Training. We can customise a training program to suit your specific operational needs and to suit the audience.

Audit and Assurance

We can provide the following aviation auditing services for fixed & rotary wing operators and all supporting maintenance and service providers;

  • Carryout Third-Party Audits of your organisation or of the operators that you utilise
  • Provide an independent and objective assessment of the effectiveness of your Quality/OH&S/Environmental or Safety Management System’s
  • Audit your Suppliers and Subcontractors based upon your criteria
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Contract Reviews
  • Service Provider Safety and Compliance audits,


Southpac Aerospace is a leading provider of aviation consulting and advisory services to both aviation companies and to the organisations that rely on reputable, safe aviation operators. Our experienced team provide a comprehensive range of services to support the management of aviation operations. Our core consulting and advisory services include;

  • Management Systems development
  • Manuals and expositions development
  • Aviation Advisors
  • Safety Innovation

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