It’s nearly the end of 2019. Act now & be qualified for 2020. Take me there.

It’s Nearly The End Of The Year.

There are less than 35 days until the end of the year!  Complete your Aviation Training Courses and gain your Diploma qualification for 2020.  Explore our full range of aviation courses and integrate these into a Southpac Diploma, here.

Our courses dove-tail with our three Diploma packages, designed in a ‘Stepping Stone Approach‘.

The Stepping Stone Approach allows you to start any qualification at any point with any course you wish.   Then progressing at your own pace to complete courses most relevant to you or your organisation’s needs.  Explore each of popular ways to gain each of the Southpac Aerospace Diplomas of Quality Auditing, Leadership & Management; and Aviation Management by visiting our website.

Safety & Lead Auditor

Name Date Location Cost
Safety & Lead Auditors Course BNE 21 - 25 June 2021 Brisbane, QLD $2,895.00

Aviation SMS

Name Date Location Cost


Safety Investigators

Name Date Location Cost

Advanced Management & Leadership

Name Date Location Cost

Systems for Continual Improvement

Name Date Location Cost
Systems for Continual Improvement Course 13 - 16 July 2021 Brisbane, QLD $2,495.00

Why Choose Southpac Aerospace

We provide aviation-specific courses, built around the requirements of the industry.  Our trainers all have extensive experience not only as trainers and auditors but also within industry areas including Defence, Major airlines, General Aviation and Manufacturing & Maintenance organisations.  Workbooks and training materials are provided.

In-house training can be tailored to your own operational requirements.

Contact Us!

Our team is always happy to hear success stories, new ideas and discuss your course opportunities or in-house training programs.  Send us a short note!

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